Hannibal at the Gates – The Newest DLC for Rome 2: TW

The Creative Assembly has announced the newest DLC to Rome 2, Hannibal at the Gates!

This new mini-campaign is based on the Second Punic War, and includes the historic Battles of Cannae and Zama.  Following in the footsteps of Caesar in Gaul, the DLC will have a smaller campaign map that focuses on Northern Africa, the Iberian Peninsula, and Italy. There will be five playable factions: Rome, Carthage, Syracuse, Arevaci, and the Lucitani, the latter three of which will also be playable in the main campaign.

From the initial information available, it looks like Scipio and Hannibal will be the main generals for Rome and Carthage, respectively. Both of these factions will start with a number of allies and client states, and civil research trees will focus on diplomatic maneuvering to undermine enemy coalitions.

“Hannibal at the Gates” is set to release on March 27th. Below of the video trailer.