Diablo 3 RoS: Patch 2.1 Initial Impressions

Here is the link the the current patch notes for 2.1 Here

Thoughts so far:

For Demon Hunters: It will be a lot harder to deviate from sentry builds. While I personally don’t mind it, I would like to some how incorporate actually attacking instead of running around while my sentries do all the damage. With the attack speed fix, other hatred spenders are viable (like Elemental Arrow) but that luxury would seem to be reserved to those with special weapons like the Kridershot. The Shadow Set is a boon for HC Demon Hunters, but otherwise pointless for regular players.

For Barbarians: More options for Earthquake runes makes Leap-Quak builds more interesting, but without significant buffs to staple attacks like Whirlwind, high end play may end up the same.

For Wizard: MM/Conflag was already the strongest build, but with the Depth Digger buff, there will basically be no other equal builds. Combined with the buff to hydra, it could potentially be very strong, but boring gameplay.