2015 and My plans for Total War: Attila

The tentative 2015 Games-to-Play List:

  1. Total War: Attila
  2. Blackguards 2
  3. Dawn of War 2

I plan to do a Western Roman Empire playthrough first, and to write a guide on how to beat it on Legendary difficulty. However, I haven’t decided how I want to approach it: Should it be a written guide or video?

My problem with video guides is they are usually long, contain TOO much gameplay that isn’t necessary to know about to win, and it’s hard to pinpoint where in the video is the pertinent information. However, written guides have to be somewhat brief and it may be hard to show what you may be talking about.

I’m leaning towards a quick 20 minute video on the highlights of what you need to do as the Western Roman Empire to win, and I think that should cover a lot of the basics, as there cannot be a strict “Do A-then-B” sort of guide as every campaign is unique.

However, in the end there will be a guide so stay tuned.

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