Wrath of Sparta DLC and Rally Point Episode 23

Wrath of Sparta

CA has just announced Wrath of Sparta, a new Rome 2 DLC campaign focusing on the Peloponnesian War. The four playable factions are: Ahtenai(Athens), The Boiotian League, Korinthos(Corinth), and Sparta. Features include new generals, new research trees, new wonders, new buildings, and new units. A new campaign map will be featured with 78 regions, focusing on the Peloponnese area.

One cool feature is that if your faction becomes too strong, instead of a civil war mechanic, it causes the Achaemenid Empire to intervene in the war. Unfortunately, the Achaemenid Empire is not-playable, but that’s nothing a mod can’t solve. Rally Point Episode 23 goes into detail below:

The Rally Point episode also goes into detail on the city of Constantinople and the finer features of the map. I liked the attention detail regarding the Theodosian Walls, including the moat and outer walls. From the look of the defenses, anyone attacking Constantinople in the game would need to employ excellent strategy and planning beforehand, as the city would need to be held under siege for a period of time to make a battle there winnable.

Thoughts on Wrath of Sparta:

While I find the Peloponnesian War an interesting conflict, I can’t help but wonder how a campaign based mostly around hoplites will play out. Unit variety may be pretty weak, as most factions will use hoplites, and variations of hoplite units. If you have played the Grand Campaign as a Greek faction, you know what it’s like to have battles of hoplites versus hoplites: It is a very slow slugfest. They are very strong defensive units with high armor, but low weapon damage and melee attack skill. Hoplites are used as the anvil to the cavalry hammer, but this doesn’t work so well in city sieges and assaults. Sword units excel in taking walls, much better than spear units.

The concern may be minimal, however. CA has added quite a few interesting features into the campaign, which should help make the overall campaign enjoyable. For example, there will be specialist and legendary troops, which I assume will be similar to the hero units of Shogun 2. I don’t really mind them, as I do like units with a more unique feel, and it should help mix up a hoplite-heavy campaign to feel fresh.

Overall, I am very excited for the DLC. Wrath of Sparta will release December 16th, 2014.

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