Viking Forefathers Culture Pack: Total War Attila Pre-Order Bonus

Viking Forefathers Culture Pack

The Pre-Order Bonus is the Viking Forefathers Culture Pack. The factions are: The Geats, the Danes, and the Jutes. The store page is here.

Here is the unit roster:

Spear infantry:

  • Thrall Spears (Geats only)
  • Thrall Spearmen (Geats only)
  • Nordic Levy
  • Nordic Spearmen
  • Elite Nordic Spearmen
  • Nordic Spearmasters

Pike infantry:

  • Nordic Pikemen

Melee infantry:

  • Nordic Band
  • Nordic Brigade
  • Wold Coats
  • Hirdmen
  • Nordic Warriors
  • Elite Nordic Warriors
  • Chosen Warriors

Axe infantry:

  • Nordic Axe Warband
  • Huscarls (Jutes only)
  • Nordic Axe Warriors
  • Royal Huscarls (Jutes only)
  • Viking Raiders
  • Norse Berserkers

Bow infantry:

  • Nordic Bows


  • Nordic Hurlers


  • Thrall Skirmishers
  • Nordic Skrimishers
  • Nordic Javelinmen
  • Nordic Brigands

Melee Cavalry:

  • Nordic Mounted Raiders
  • Nordic Horse Raiders
  • Nordic Horse Lords
  • Viking Raider Cavalry

Skirmisher Cavalry:

  • Nordic Raiders


  • Onager
  • Large Onager

Warhounds: * Warhounds

Naval units

Unique General unit:

  • Viking Captain

Ramming ships:

  • Strike Liburnian (Nordic Light Bowmen)
  • Assault Liburnian (Nordic Light Bowmen)

Melee ships:

  • Snekkja Longship (Nordic Heavy Marauders)

Assault ships:

  • Drekkar Dragonship (Elite Norse Marauders – Danes only)
  • Drekkar Dragonship (Nordic Berserker Marauders)
  • Drekkar Dragonship (Chosen Norse Marauders – Danes only)

Bow Ships:

  • Skeid longship (Norse Bow Marauders)

Artillery ships:

  • Artillery Liburnian


  • Greek Fire Dromonarion

Thoughts on the Viking Forefathers Culture Pack:

I am excited to play as the Jutes, if only for the Huscarls. So I am at a loss as to what faction to play first: Western Roman Empire, Eastern Roman Empire, the Saxons, or the Jutes. Not a bad problem to have though.

One thing I noticed is that the unit rosters are very robust. A problem Rome 2 had was that many non-major factions felt incomplete. From a gameplay standpoint, many lacked late-game, top-tier units that could compete alongside major empires. It is my hope that all factions in Total War: Attila are competitive and capable of winning.