Upcoming Games for Q3/Q4 2012

I’ve been meaning to do some updates on some other games as I’ve been busy lately, but there are a few games I am looking forward to that I wanted to highlight for the second half of 2012.

Torchlight 2 – Summer 2012

This action RPG looks incredibly polished and created by some of the older Blizzard North developers who worked on Diablo and Diablo 2. From the look of the gameplay videos coming out of beta so far, it looks like it’ll be a great and simple game that stresses the funadmentals of ARPGs. With four character classes and a new overworld system, 30 hours of gameplay, and mods, I think this game will do great, especially at $19.99.

Guild Wars 2 – Fall 2012

I’ve mentioned this MMORPG a couple times before on this blog and I think it is one of the best titles to come around in a while. With the DAoC-like WvWvW system, dynamic combat, and an e-sports emphasis, I think this game will go far. The F2P model concerns me (more of a social/community issue that I’ll touch upon in another post) but the game will be good regardless.

Natural Selection 2 – Q4 2012

First person shooters are fun. Real-time Strategy is fun. But combining them both? It works! In this sequel to the popular Natural Selection game on the Half-Life engine, the game has a new engine, better graphics and animations, tweaks, and new gameplay mechanics. Definitely a game to look forward to if you enjoy labyrinth-like levels and team-based strategy.

More updates to come!

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