Total War: Legendary+ Mode Rules

Previously, I have been completing campaigns with personal rules I have called “Ironman Legendary”, which were basically legendary difficulty with no allowed defeats in battle and all battles fought manually. In an effort to make the game more challenging, I am playing Warhammer 2 currently with this new set of rules I am calling Legendary+ Mode:

  • Campaign Difficulty: Legendary
  • Battle Difficulty: Very Hard
  • Chaos Invasion: Legendary
  • All battles must be fought manually (no auto-resolve)
    • No unit may be lost during battle (no complete destruction). This rule does not apply to summoned units.
    • No units may break/shatter during battle (broken units have greyed out portraits). This rule does not apply to summoned units.
  • All battles must be won
  • No general or hero may be wounded or killed by enemy agents or from battle.
    • Generals may be disbanded
    • Heroes may be disbanded
  • No general or hero may gain a negative trait
  • Campaigns must be completed on the latest patch. If a patch occurs before the campaign is complete, the campaign must be abandoned.
  • You may not lose diplomatic reliability due to attacking within 10 turns of breaking an agreement.
  • Failing agent actions is acceptable

The campaigns I have completed so far with these rules:

  • Eltharion – Vortex Campaign
  • Sisters of Twilight – Vortex Campaign
  • Count Noctilus – Vortex Campaign
  • Settra – Vortex Campaign

Needless to say, there have been plenty of campaigns where I could easily win that I have had to abandon because one of the above things occurred.

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