Total War Attila Announced!

Total War Attila

Total War Attila

So today The Creative Assembly has announced their new standalone expansion to Rome 2, Total War Attila. I speculated in a previous post that a game involving Attila the Hun would be the most likely expansion, as there is already a book out about Attila, and it would have been strange to have a book but no game tying into it.

So it appears to be a “Fall of the Samurai”-esque DLC with a new campaign map, new factions, and a later time period.

The Good

I like the focus on the later periods as I don’t think any Total War games touches upon Late Antiquity. The scorched earth component is fun, as being able to destroy cities was an important strategy that worked in real world campaigns.

The small touches like civilians running away as a city is attacked make sense. It was always weird to attack a city and it be totally empty of non-combatants. It looks like they re-designed the technology trees, and the new campaign map looks much better.

The Bad

My biggest gripe is that I dislike playing horse archer factions. I just don’t enjoy the gameplay style myself, although it poses an interesting challenge to go up against. I’ve tried playing Parthia and some of the nomad tribes in Rome 2; while field battles are great fun, city sieges were not.

I am glad they brought back the family tree, that way everyone will shut up about it. In the previous games, it provided ZERO gameplay value. Ignoring it would have no consequences whatsoever. I get it, people want it and they want it to matter, but this game isn’t Crusader Kings 2. If you want a family tree to matter, CK2 would be a much better fit.