More Total War: Attila Information

More information out on Total War: Attila

There’s a blog post about the role marriage plays in diplomacy, as well as outlining how agents will work in Total War: Attila.

It seems like marriage will be a big feature of the family tree mechanic. In previous games, marriage was sort of a gameplay point that could be ignored. You did it so you could pick up a good general, but as long as your general wasn’t awful, he didn’t have much of an influence on how well you did in the long run.

I hope that marriage has serious gameplay ramifications. Political marriages were  important aspects in international diplomacy during the time period, so it really should be no different in Total War: Attila.

The agent change is welcome. Agents were incredibly overpowered in Rome 2, especially spies/scouts with poison skills specialized. One high level agent could completely ruin and shut down a small faction; with multiple agents you can bulldoze anyone. By forcing agents to pick one tree and only perform actions on certain things, it will at least mitigate their strength and make specialization require some strategic thought.

Who to play first?

I’ve thought about who I wanted to play first out of the factions in Total War: Attila, and I have come up with a shortlist:

Western Roman Empire

A dying empire filled with corruption, rioting, food and money shortages, and barbarians attacking from all directions? That sounds excellent. I enjoy defensive strategy, and trying to shore up the Western Roman Empire against internal and external forces sounds like it would appeal to me the most. Including the scorched earth mechanic, fighting to create a tenable situation will be interesting indeed.

The Jutes

Barbarian factions are pretty fun, usually due to their proclivity towards raiding and pillaging. I am not usually a fan of axe units, but I  like the Huscarl’s unit aesthetic, much like the ones that would appear later during the Byzantine Empire. Fast moving and hard hitting coastal assaults were pretty gimpy in Rome 2, so I hope with the emphasis on Viking “forefathers”, that we’ll finally see a naval assault faction with some teeth.

I enjoy two gameplay types: Defensive / Fighting Retreat Actions, and Assault / Raiding Actions. These two factions represent the gameplay styles I enjoy, so I will be playing them first, based on the current information.