Total War: Attila – Celts Culture Pack

The Celts Culture Pack has been announced, but no release date just yet. It looks alright, and the Longbeard DLC was alright also, so I think this will be a good addition to the game.

You can play as the Ebdanians, the Picts, and the Caledonians. These three factions share one territory in the nothern British Isles and Ireland. Not too much has been shown so far regarding their rosters; but it looks like there we some unique buildings, units, technology, and missions.

Western Roman Empire Campaign Update

So far things are good. I had a few restarts as I developed my strategy. I am playing on legendary difficulty so if one mistake is made, I have to restart; there is no reloading an earlier save.

My current restart has me already wiped out the Suebians and Vandals, forced Quadians and Visigoths into peace treaties, and having control of all my original territories in Spain, Africa, France, and Italy still. The only real territory I’ve lost so far is Britain and Illyria. I’m making quite a bit per turn and I’m plowing that cash back into infrastructure. I am only in turn 16 but it is a very strong start.

I’m taking notes as I play so I can work on a guide for the Western Roman Empire campaign when I’m finished. It has been fun so far and probably one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in any Total War game. However, after figuring out the basic strategy, I think it’s actually pretty simple, but I can see how a player can overthink the entire thing and make mistakes.