September 2018 Update: Current Campaigns

While Battle for Azeroth is taking up most of my game time, I have been putting in some hours on a couple legendary campaigns in Mortal Empires:

The Empire

I’ve managed to secure all of the traditional long campaign victory provinces from TW1, but as it is Mortal Empires, that leaves the rest of the world to be conquered. Motivation has slowed due to the map being dominated by two other factions: Wood Elves and Lothern. Thus, the “good guys” have won and at the current rate, I could win by alliance.


This campaign has been far more interesting. I have confederated and obtained Teclis and Alarielle, and have otherwise managed to secure all of Ulthuan. The only other High Elf faction still around is Nagarythe. Archaeon has not spawned yet, and I have not decided if I will take up the Sword of Khaine on Tyrion yet.

I may want to do a High Elf guide, but I think what would be more interesting is a min/max guide for economic planning.

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