Rome 2 Emperor Edition announced!

Total War: Rome 2 Emperor Edition Teaser
CA has put out some exciting news, Rome 2 Emperor Edition. This is an upgrade to the base game which includes all the free DLC up to this point, as well as a brand new campaign revolving around the civil war and Augustus. As reference in our previous post, it was one of the campaigns I speculated would be in the works. Check out the Rally Point episode below:



What I like so far about Rome 2 Emperor Edition:


  • Rome versus Rome: it wouldn’t be a proper Roman civil war if it there was not an emphasis on Roman unit combat. There will be three Roman factions to choose from. If I were to speculate, I would say Octavian, Marc Anthony, and one other faction.
  • Armenia as a playable faction: New factions are always fun, but we definitely needed more Eastern factions. The two we currently have are Pontus and Parthia. However, before they add Armenia, the faction needs a roster expansion and fix, as it looks almost like Parthia’s roster.
  • Better politics: The politics system in Rome 2 will matter more now. You can sort of ignore politics in the Grand Campaign, but with the changes highlighted by Jack Lusted, it seems as if you will need to be more aware of political developments, as well as strike a balance between the government families/factions.


What I am concerned about with Rome 2 Emperor Edition:


  • The final battle of the civil war was the Battle of Actium, which was a decisive naval victory for Octavian which led to his ultimate victory over Marc Antony. Most likely this will end up being a historical battle, but as naval combat still has a lot of issues, I may avoid it altogether. The Rally Point episode mentions that they are revamping naval combat, so I will reserve judgement until I try the new naval gameplay.
  • New civil war mechanics: the civil wars themselves are more an annoyance than anything else, but with the new political system, civil wars can now occur any time, not just at max imperium. It may make the campaign more chaotic, but not necessarily fun.

I personally enjoy the DLC mini-campaigns more than the grand campaign, as they’re quicker to finish, and also have a more focused set of objectives and specialized roster. I might try to do a legendary let’s play when the DLC campaign comes out.

Link to the Rome 2 Emperor Edition FAQ