The Creative Assembly’s Future Rome 2 DLC Plans?

We have seen some good Rome 2 DLC campaigns so far. Caesar in Gaul was a excellent campaign centered around maneuvering through rough terrain, strong generals, and a resource based research system. Hannibal at the Gates focused heavily on diplomacy and long-term campaign strategy.

Based on this steamdb page, there looks to be plans in place to release another campaign DLC.

But what is in store potentially for the future Rome 2 DLC campaigns? Here are two that I think may be in store:

1. Barbarian Invasion 2.0 (Fall of the Western Roman Empire)

rome 2 dlc

rome 2 dlc

This is the most obvious choice for a DLC campaign. The original Barbarian Invasion expansion for Rome Total War was well received, and introduced new game mechanics that changed the way the game played.

The DLC itself would play differently from the ones released so far. In CiG and HatG, Rome starts small, and is often on equal footing with other factions. The setting of a Barbarian Invasion type DLC would have a vast Roman empire collapsing in on itself, with cities revolting due to low public order, budget deficits, and enemies pressing the borders on all sides.

A player could choose to play as Rome, attempting to save the empire, or as one of the barbarian factions, with the goal of sacking Rome itself. There was talk of a “Sword of Attila” book put out by The Creative Assembly, so it may be that any “Barbarian Invasion 2” style DLC would involve Attila the Hun.

2. Civil Wars during Augustus’ reign

We’ve seen maps focused on the Western Mediterranean, and also Gaul. I think it would be great to see a DLC focused on the Eastern part of the map, particularly the wars Augustus fought after Julius Caesar’s assassination. It could add a new dynamic where multiple Roman factions could vie for support, with other non-Roman factions playing a role in how the civil war plays out.

Final War of the Roman Republic

A Rome 2 DLC focused on Asia and Egypt would be a lot of fun, and I think would be a great area to explore next. Based on the historical record, the DLC could also focus on naval combat as it was integral to Augustus’ final triumph against Marc Antony.

3. Other potential Rome 2 DLC campaigns

I’d like to see a campaign focused on the Eastern Roman Empire as it comes into its own as the Byzantine Empire. However, that may fall outside of the scope of the original game, and fall more into the Medieval Total War series area.

Wars of the Diadochi would also be a great Rome 2 DLC campaign. With Alexander the Great’s death, his empire is split up and wars rage among his successors to grab as much of it as possible. It would feature most of the eastern part of the map, and would be mostly Hellenic units with a few other cultures thrown in (Egyptian, Eastern, etc.).