Rome 2 DLC Plans and New Attila Trailer

Rome 2 DLC Plans Revealed

rome 2 dlc plans

A new entry has revealed CA’s Rome 2 DLC Plans on steamdb. According to the list, Cimmeria, Colchis, Massilia, and Pergamon will be added to the Grand Campaign

There are entries also for the Boiotian League and Korinthos, and as they are not in the Grand Campaign as minor/unplayable factions, gives evidence that they exist as unplayable factions in a separate campaign DLC like Hannibal at the Gates or Caesar in Gaul.

The evidence suggests that the new campaign is the Peloponnesian War. While CA gave no hint of their future Rome 2 DLC plans with Total War Attila on the horizon, it is a welcome addition to the vanilla game. The Peloponnesian War was a campaign that was often requested by the fans, as it covers an interesting time period of Ancient Greece.

CA has been tight-lipped so far with Rome 2 DLC plans, and I hope they will add more campaigns after this Peloponnesian War one.

New Total War Attila Trailer: The White Horse

The trailer sets the tone for the new Total War Attila game, and its also interesting to see the different civilizations in that time period begin to make their moves.

Constantinople looks interesting, and I hope that the developers take care to design it well. The other major cities in Rome 2 have looked good, but at the same time, the cities look sort of like a battle playground. They don’t look “lived in”. Total War Attila is trending towards a grittier look that the original Rome 2 appeared to be in early screenshots, and I hope it stays on that path.

The Huns look interesting, but my hope is that they’re actually fun to play. The issue I have with steppe factions in Rome 2 is that they’re not very fun due to the extreme emphasis on cavalry coupled with the extreme emphasis on siege battles. Quite simply, horse units suck in siege battles. The unit’s advantages are lost while on foot, so the only way to negate it is to use siege engines to break down walls so your cavalry units can ride in.

The idea seems to be that to successfully play a steppe faction, you basically have to invest in siege technology that reduces your attrition while besieging a city.┬áSince you can’t effectively attack a city with most of your units being cavalry, you have to wait for them to come out and give battle. This strategy seems to work extremely well as steppe factions excel in field battles, I don’t consider it fun because it requires you not engaging in city assaults.

However, I will definitely give the Huns a try because of how important they were during this time period. Combined with the new gameplay mechanics, it could add more depth to steppe faction gameplay that the vanilla Rome 2 game sorely needed.