Imperator Augustus Campaign Map Revealed

Imperator Augustus Campaign Map

Imperator Augustus Campaign Map

The Imperator Augustus Campaign Map has been released. It features the original grand campaign map for Rome 2, but with different playable factions and starting positions.

The (Potential) Playable Factions of Imperator Augustus

The four major Roman factions appear to be:

  • Octavian
  • Lepidus
  • Sextus Pompey
  • Mark Antony

My thoughts are that each Roman faction will feature legionaries as the backbone of the army, but also include regional units as auxiliaries. So for example, Lepidus might have Iberian swordsmen and Libyan infantry, while Octavian might have access to barbarian infantry, and Mark Antony able to recruit perhaps a mix of barbarian and Greek units.

The remaining playable factions appear to be:

  • Iceni
  • Marcomanni – German confederation
  • Dacia
  • Egypt
  • Armenia
  • Parthia

Initial Campaign Analysis

I could see the Iceni probing and pushing Gaul, which would mostly consist of client states to Octavian’s faction. Octavian would have to keep control of the north against barbarian incursions, while dealing with the other Roman factions.

Lepidus would have to contend with local Iberian and African factions, while attempting to join the two parts of his territories together. Pompey is surrounded, but more than likely will have a powerful starting navy while his neighbors have little to none. The Pompey campaign will most likely involve him using his navy to delay an invasion while allowing him free reign to strike at any of the other Roman faction’s coastal territories.

Mark Antony and Egypt will most likely be allied, but he will have to contend with Octavian and Dacia, as well as potential encroachment by Armenia or Parthia from the east. That situation could easily turn into a two front war, which would give Egypt a decision as to whether they focus their armies west towards Lepidus or east to Parthia. As a side note: I think Mark Antony and Egypt would make for a good co-op campaign.

Marcomanni and Dacia will probably be look to confederate with their neighbors before pressing into Roman territory. Armenia and Parthia are at each other’s door, so it would be up to them to cooperate or battle it out for control of the east, before moving west into the Mediterranean.

Overall, the Imperator Augustus Campaign for Rome 2 is looking to be a pretty exciting new campaign. I think this is a great way to use the grand campaign map while creating a new dynamic. While I personally enjoyed the regional dynamic of Caesar in Gaul and Hannibal at the Gates, I missed playing on the grand campaign map.

You can read more about the new Rome 2 Emperor Edition and the Imperator Augustus Campaign here.