Guild Wars 2 – Hall of Monuments Rewards: Weapons and Armor

If you have a Guild Wars 1 account with Eye of the North expansion pack attached to it, you can complete achievements to gain points toward rewards in Guild Wars 2. Located in the Far Shiverpeaks is the Hall of Monuments, where you can keep track of your in-game achievements and reward points.
The rewards are items such as armor and weapons, as well as titles for your characters. The rewards can only be obtained through Guild Wars 1. The stats for the items are unknown currently(albeit stats won’t really matter all that much). The points required aren’t currency, but just an achievement level. For example, if you have 10 points, you qualify for any reward that requires 10 points and under.
Gnarled Staff – Staff – Requires 7 Points

Living Short Bow – Short Bow – Requires 8 Points

Fiery Dragon Sword – Sword – 10 Points
Diamond Aegis – Shield – Requires 11 Points
Centurion’s Claw – Dagger – Requires 13 Points

Wheelock Rifle – Rifle – Requires 14 Points
Wayward Wand – Scepter – Requires 16 Points
Seathunder Pistol – Pistol – Requires 17 Points
Deldrimor Mace – Mace – Requires 19 Points
Chimeric Prism – Focus – Requires 20 Points
Ithas Longbow – Longbow – Requires 22 Points
Fellblade – Greatsword – Requires 23 Points
Ice Breaker – Hammer – Requires 25 Points
Flaming Beacon – Torch – Requires 26 Points
Stygian Reaver – Axe – Requires 28 Points

Mountaincall Warhorn – Warhorn – Requires 29 Points

There are 3 sets of armor, one of each type (Light, Medium, and Heavy). Requires 6 Points.

In addition, there are 4 additional pieces:
Baroque Mask – Head Armor – Requires 12 Points
Heavenly Bracers – Hand Armor – Requires 18 Points
Icelord’s Diadem – Head Armor – Requires 24 Points
Fire God’s Vambraces – Hand Armor – Requires 30 Points
Stat-wise, they will most likely be similar to gear found regularly in Guild Wars 2, as the rewards are meant more to be unique and as a way to reward those who played Guild Wars 1. This should be incentive enough for those of you who still have a Guild Wars 1 account to finish up any outstanding quests and achievements. There are a lot of guides out there outlining ways to rack up points. While 50 is the maximum needed to collect all the rewards, only 30 are needed to get all the item rewards, as 30 to 50 are only title-based rewards.
In another post, the pets and title rewards will be outlined. Stay tuned.
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