February Update

Not a whole lot going. I have been messing around with historical battles. While my campaign management skill is good enough to beat legendary, I admit my own tactical ability in battles is average at best. By learning how to beat the historical battles on legendary, I hope to improve my micromanagement and playing skill.

I am in the middle of writing my HatG Carthage guide. It’s turning out pretty well and I hope to finish it up before Total War: Attila comes out because once that game comes out, I may not work on it again for a long time.

I have mixed feelings about Blackguards 2. It’s a definite improvement over the first game, but still suffers from a lack of polish and poor direction regarding character improvement. On top of that, the number system from The Dark Eye that the game is based on is not very straightforward, and the game does little to explain how it works. The DnD ruleset is fairly well-known, but The Dark Eye is not, so often I end up mentally comparing the two.

Dragon Age Inquisition, like the other Dragon Age games, suffer from a repetitive, almost monotonous gameplay style despite improvements across the series. After fighting the 1000th warrior/caster/rogue enemy party, there is no more surprise. Closing rifts was interesting at first, but I think the novelty has worn off quickly.