Europa Barbarorum 2: Beta Ready This Month

Europa Barbarorum 2

Europa Barbarorum 2


Europa Barbarorum 2 beta is finally ready to be released to the public. The team developing the mod has announced that August 15th, 2014 will be the earliest date to launch, if no CTD bugs are present.

The original Europa Barbarorum mod for Rome Total War was an incredible mod that played like how the retail game should have. More realism, a focus on historical accuracy, and more diverse factions.

EB2 is a total conversion mod for Medieval 2 Total War: Kingdoms, set during the Hellenistic period and the beginning of the Roman Empire, from 272 BCE to 14 CE.

Europa Barbarorum 2 Features:

  • 4 turns per year: with one winter season and greatly expanded effects for each season
  • A large campaign map covering Europe except the far north, North Africa and Asia as far as north-west India
  • 199 provinces, each with unique description scrolls
  • 28 playable factions in the beta, for the final release 30 factions are planned
  • The city-castle dichotomy of M2TW will be used to represent nomad camps in provinces that were largely nomadic at game start
  • The M2TW religion mechanism has been repurposed to represent socio-political affinities such as ‘Eastern Imperial’, ‘European Tribal’ or ‘Hellenistic Polities’, it will influence, for example, which governments and units are accessible for a faction in any given settlement/province
  • Complex and enhanced settlement/province development, including choosing a government (building) for provinces
  • The “area of recruitment” system offers adds depth to unit recruitment. The availability of units depends on the settlement/province, government building, the new religion mechanism, and military structures, among other things.
  • Unique military reforms for many factions
  • Interactive and highly immersive traits and ancillaries system
  • Many scripts to enhance the gameplay and realism, including scripted invasions by the Indian Mauryan empire, for example.
  • Reworked battle maps with new generic ancient settlements and nomad camps; new vegetation, terrain, water, lighting, skies, etc.
  • Roughly 200 unique units with new EB2 models and skins in the beta, for the final release 500 are planned
  • Voice-mods in ancient languages
  • Description scrolls of buildings and units will offer extensive historic information on the building or unit and the timeframe in general
  • Many, many more features…

Here’s a video showcasing  a battle on the Nile:

So far, so good. While I have my concerns that the engine may be too dated at this point (Medieval 2 came out in 2002, about 12 years ago) it is, unfortunately, the most versatile and “easy” of the Total War games to modify for this purpose. Their talented team created the original Europa Barbarorum, which was a great mod, so I have high hopes and expectations for their second installment.

Link to the Europa Barbarorum 2 team’s website.