Diablo 3 Monk: Inferno Build for Solo and Group Play – Version 1

So here is my preliminary Monk build for Inferno. It might work solo, but I will be grouping a lot with a friend who is planning on playing a wizard, so ideally I had a duo in mind. If this ends up working out, I’ll come up with a name for the build.


Explanation for the skills I selected:

1. Way of the Hundred Fists – Windforce Flurry Rune
This is the highest damage spirit generating attack, runed with the strongest damage rune (250% weapon damage for no spirit cost to everyone in front of you is great). I’ll be spamming it a lot so naturally the damage should be high. I’ve seen a lot of people take Crippling Wave + Concussion Rune to do AOE damage reduction, but with high health mobs and enrage timers, I will need all the damage I can put out.

2. Lashing Tail Kick – Spinning Flame Kick Rune
High damage spirit dump. The damage is good at 240% weapon damage and it passes through all enemies in the direction you fire it, hitting them in a line. It’ll be good not just for single target, but also fighting through hallways and chipping down large packs from mid range before they reach melee range.

3. Breath of Heaven – Blazing Wrath Rune
Strong heal, for both solo and group play. I’m a bit iffy here with this skill selection as I believe mitigation may be incredibly important. But it packs a two-for-one deal: a heal with a damage boost. Having 15% bonus damage for 45 seconds is nothing to sneeze at, and the other defensive skills I was considering (Serenity + Reap What is Sown Rune or Blinding Flash + Searing Light Rune) were too heavily defensive. Serenity might work but it is too early to say if dodge will reduce the damage reflect.

4. Dashing Strike – Blinding Speed Rune
Mobility is incredibly important to prevent yourself from getting surrounded. With mobs moving faster than players, it’ll be important to be re-positioning constantly to avoid getting swarmed. With the Blinding Speed Rune, even if you end up escaping or diving in to pick off a high priority target, you’ll gain some avoidance to prevent incoming damage.

5. Seven-Sided Strike – Sustained Attack Rune
Some may argue against this as the cooldown is long, but I personally like it. It does high damage, renders you invincible for the duration of the attack, and is incredibly useful against one to three stronger enemies. With the Sustained Attack Rune, the ability will take 23 seconds to cooldown. Ideally, Seven-Sided Strike is used first in an engagement, with the rest of the spirit dumped into Lashing Tail Kick until Seven-Sided Strike finishes cooling down.

6. Mantra of Conviction – Overawe
I was on the fence for the mantra, but this appears to be the best choice. It is an area debuff, boosting not just my monk’s damage, but also my teammate’s damage. With the Overawe Rune, that bonus damage is doubled. Sometimes the best defense is an overwhelming offense.

Passive Skills
Resolve, One with Everything, and Seize the Initiative – The Monk, compared to the other classes, has overwhelmingly support and defense oriented passive skills. Therefore, it makes sense to select all defense passive skills. With the Monk’s high dodge due to dexterity from levels and gear, the class should already have great avoidance. Along with the damage reduction from Resolve, resistance boost from One with Everything, and the scaling armor bonus from Seize the Initiative, this Monk build will allow for very strong stat-based defense.

I am pretty set on the abilities, but the ones I might swap out is Breath of Heaven for Serenity/Blinding Flash and Mantra of Conviction for one of the survivability Mantras, depending on how the build goes. I will update with new posts as I go through more iterations of my Monk build for Inferno Mode.