Diablo 3: Maximizing your Effective Health

In my previous post, I gave a quick summary of the findings on the Blizzard forums about how Effective Health (EH) works in Diablo 3. Now, lets talk about how to maximize your EH.

The ideal EH balance: In order to maximize your EH, you need to look at the relationship between health, armor, and resists. Lets remember: 10 Strength = 10 Intelligence = 10 Armor = 1 Resist All

Health / 35 = (5 x Monster Level) + All Resist
Health / 35 = (5 x Monster Level) + (Armor x 10)

Lets run an example through this. Say I have 30,000 health and I am in Act 2 Inferno. Monster level in Act 2 is 62. So first:

30,000 / 35 = 857.143
857.143 – 310 = 547.143 Resist All is ideal for that health amount.

How do I figure out how much armor is ideal at that health level? Since 1 Resist = 10 armor, multiply the 547.143 Resist All by 10 to get your ideal EH armor at 30,000 HP, which is 5471.43 Armor.

So lets compare this number to current gear:
If my current resist is less than 547.143, resist is worth more to my EH than more health.
If my current resist is higher than 547.143, then health is worth more to my EH than resist all.

This same argument can be applied to armor:
If my resist is higher than my Armor/10, I need more Armor to balance my EH.
If my resist is lower than my Armor/10, I need more Resists to balance my EH.

How does this apply to you?

Well, as you know, most items have caps on how high their stats can get. You might see a piece of gear with +400 armor, but most likely you won’t see one with 400 strength. So look at a piece of gear in relation to your current needs to min/max your gear.

Now, you won’t be able to get a totally clean balance. The big takeaway from all this is: Don’t invest too heavily into any one survival stat, you need to strike a balance based on 10:1 Armor/Resist Ratio in order to maximize your EH and thus, your survivability in Inferno.

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