Diablo 3 launches with lots of downtime; Thoughts so far

Blizzard is no stranger to difficult game launches, and Diablo 3 has been no different. Amid the random downtime, most people seem very satisfied with the game so far. There is lots of lag, but once things settle down in a couple weeks, these issues should subside.

Thoughts so far:
So how is the game so far? Definitely a lot of fun. The bosses require some smart play and crowd control and defensive skills are incredibly important. I am running a Monk at the moment, but feeling very tempted to play a Witch Doctor. I managed to get into Act 2 before the servers went down for emergency maintenance. 
Already, I think a lot of pre-planned builds people had are going out of the window. No one really knew how the game would play past Skeleton King. People were making builds based on gameplay videos, beta, and Diablo 2 experience. As it’ll take people a while to get to Inferno anyway, we probably won’t see anything incredibly solid till then. For now, it feels like any old build will do.
Difficulty-wise, you CAN die in normal mode. If you’re not careful you can get overwhelmed. Knockback and Nightmarish are fairly potent modifiers, and I am definitely not liking Wallers.
For Monks, dashing strike is nice to get in but not so great for getting out. The caveat is you HAVE to have a enemy mob to go to that is outside the group to “dash” to. You can’t dash over walls or over gaps (obviously) so it doesn’t feel incredibly mobile. I think Wizard has the best movement skill with Teleport, with Barbarians a close second with Leap. The Demon Hunter’s Vault isn’t as restricted as Dashing Strike, but is still hindered by walls. I haven’t had the chance to try Witch Doctor’s Spirit Walk but I am speculating it will work like the Demon Hunter’s Smoke Screen.