The Day before Total War: Attila!

Total War: Attila will be out tomorrow. I have the game pre-loaded and will jump into it and immediately into a Legendary Western Roman Empire campaign.

There are a few roster videos out there already, but from what I’ve seen so far:

1. Barbarians are still more dynamic/mobile; combat will be heavily movement and charging. One of the cooler things was that Royal Huscarls have cavalry level charge damage.

2. On that note, axe-men are their own infantry group now. They’re defined by high weapon damage but rather low armor, a particularly shield defense against projectiles.

3. Crossbow units are in, but have similar pros/cons as the ones in Medieval: High armor piercing damage, high ammo, low fire rate.

4. Roman Empire factions units are still high armor. Better spear units now, more balanced sword units, and a robust collection of slingers, skirmishers, and bowmen. Units are all very defensive, which to me kind of plays into the defensive nature of the campaign for both WRE and ERE.

5. Sassanids have a strong and well-rounded empire. I could see most players who are newer to Total War playing the Sassanids and succeeding well.

Overall, I like the direction of the rosters and campaigns from the previews. I still plan on playing WRE first as I consider it as being probably the most fun challenge in Total War: Attila.