September 2018 Update: Current Campaigns

While Battle for Azeroth is taking up most of my game time, I have been putting in some hours on a couple legendary campaigns in Mortal Empires:

The Empire

I’ve managed to secure all of the traditional long campaign victory provinces from TW1, but as it is Mortal Empires, that leaves the rest of the world to be conquered. Motivation has slowed due to the map being dominated by two other factions: Wood Elves and Lothern. Thus, the “good guys” have won and at the current rate, I could win by alliance.


This campaign has been far more interesting. I have confederated and obtained Teclis and Alarielle, and have otherwise managed to secure all of Ulthuan. The only other High Elf faction still around is Nagarythe. Archaeon has not spawned yet, and I have not decided if I will take up the Sword of Khaine on Tyrion yet.

I may want to do a High Elf guide, but I think what would be more interesting is a min/max guide for economic planning.

June Games

Lately, I have been playing Overwatch and Warhammer: Total War.

  • Overwatch: Mostly just messing around in quick play mode. With Competitive Mode starting soon (Currently available on PTR) I have thought about doing ranked. I have been playing a variety of heroes, with an emphasis on Soldier 76, Zarya, and Junkrat.
  • I am currently in the early late game of a Legendary Empire campaign in Warhammer: Total War. The Chaos faction is gone and now I’m trying to mop up the Norsca factions while building up my infrastructure to deal with the Vampire Counts and Greenskins. I also have a Vampire Counts legendary game on-going but after I took both Western and Eastern Transylvania, I put the campaign on hold. I will finish it after the Empire campaign

2015 and My plans for Total War: Attila

The tentative 2015 Games-to-Play List:

  1. Total War: Attila
  2. Blackguards 2
  3. Dawn of War 2

I plan to do a Western Roman Empire playthrough first, and to write a guide on how to beat it on Legendary difficulty. However, I haven’t decided how I want to approach it: Should it be a written guide or video?

My problem with video guides is they are usually long, contain TOO much gameplay that isn’t necessary to know about to win, and it’s hard to pinpoint where in the video is the pertinent information. However, written guides have to be somewhat brief and it may be hard to show what you may be talking about.

I’m leaning towards a quick 20 minute video on the highlights of what you need to do as the Western Roman Empire to win, and I think that should cover a lot of the basics, as there cannot be a strict “Do A-then-B” sort of guide as every campaign is unique.

However, in the end there will be a guide so stay tuned.

Merry Christmas and other updates

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I have been meaning to write a review for Wrath of Sparta, but have not had the time. I may change the format of the site a bit, as I want to move away from a completely Total War focus to a more general strategy game one.

I’m ┬ánot sure how many people read this site regularly (Google Analytics says I got about 300+ new visitors in the past month) but feedback is always appreciated. I created this site to give my opinions on games like Total War, so I may be moving away from the news-like posts that I have been doing as of late.

In any event, 2015 will bring lots of new games to look at, with Total War: Attila in February.

New Project Announcement (Soon)

As I get more comfortable with coding, project ideas are starting to form and take shape. I hope to announce a development project soon, as I am eager to begin creating and designing my first game.

Right now I’m considering a few genres, but I am looking at a 2d platformer (we could always use more of those) or a rpg-style agent game.

In the meantime, I am currently creating concept art to help define the aesthetic and feel of the game, and will try to design the game around it. I will keep you all posted.