Monthly Archive: July 2014

New Project Announcement (Soon) 0

New Project Announcement (Soon)

As I get more comfortable with coding, project ideas are starting to form and take shape. I hope to announce a development project soon, as I am eager to begin creating and designing my...

The Creative Assembly’s Future Rome 2 DLC Plans? 1

The Creative Assembly’s Future Rome 2 DLC Plans?

We have seen some good Rome 2 DLC campaigns so far. Caesar in Gaul was a excellent campaign centered around maneuvering through rough terrain, strong generals, and a resource based research system. Hannibal at...

Ashen – Indie Spotlight Monday 0

Ashen – Indie Spotlight Monday

Aurora44, a studio based out of New Zealand, is developing a promising action RPG called Ashen. The Setting of Ashen: The world of Ashen is one where the sun is blocked out of the sky...